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I am almost caught up to my scheduling point... Just the back-log of Tuesday class stuff to do. But the horrendous 200 pages of theology is done. If I can retain it for the quiz in the morning, I'll have something to write in my journal about... (Yes, it does appear that we have class, which means we have a quiz.)

I am flirting off and on with some kind of discomfort in my nose, which makes me fear being sick again. It really needs to stop. I do not have time to be sick anymore. I have two major projects that I must work like mad on. Those free days I scheduled in during the next two weeks will not be happening, and sleep will not be happening much of the time. I need sleep badly.

Meg does not like snow despite being a Labrador. I passed her off to Alexis after getting the pictures made, intending for Alexis to hand her off to my mom. Alexis didn't yet have hold of the leash. Meg ran straight for the open door to the house. No fun in the snow for her! She really has no interest in anything but chewing on her bone. And I do mean no interest. I hid the bone earlier, and she wouldn't look for it like my other dogs did. She finally uncovered it with a lot of prompting. This kind of stuff tells me that she is quite ready to lounge around and enjoy her final years, although she'll do whatever I ask of her. It makes me very sad. May is coming sooner than I would like, and I hope we have warm weather very soon. I need some walks with my little Meg.


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Feb. 16th, 2007 04:29 am (UTC)
How old is your Meghan? I have a labrador, who is my retired guide, who really loves the snow, but Caroline, my current guide, who is half lab and half golden retriever, can't really be bothered with it. She has the temperament of a prissy golden. Lol.

I know how sad it can be when you notice changes in your dog. I see that so much in Rachel these days. She'll be eleven next week.
Feb. 16th, 2007 10:20 am (UTC)
Meg is only seven. She's always had a very laid back personality, but she pretty much just sleeps most of the time now.
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