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Meghan memories

Must post Meg memories while they are fresh...

Meg has never been into playing very much... When I first met her, she had no interest in me at all. She just wanted to sniff the room. If I throw a toy for her, she will get it and play with it all by herself, throwing it and getting it, throwing it and getting it. "Bring it here" is not in her vocabulary; and if I say, "Come," she drops the toy and comes. For this reason, I have restricted most of her play to indestructible toys unless I feel like chasing her and retrieving the toy from her mouth--she loves that game.

Alexis and I have taught her a new game. Never say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks! It's a game that I used to play with Elli, and Meg is learning to have a bit of fun with it--though not nearly as much as Elli. The other day, I took her bone and hid it between my legs. She really did not care and rolled over to go to sleep; so I encouraged her to come look for it. It took a whole lot of work; but eventually I coaxed her to fish it out. Now we can hide the bone in the room or on our person, and Meg will hunt it up. I still haven't gotten her to be persistent if it's too difficult to retrieve; but we're working on it.

The one thing Meg loves to do is swim. I don't know how much stamina she would have for it now; but when she was young, she could swim for hours without getting tired. I would actually have to physically remove her from the pool area in order to make her stop because she would keep swimming when she was getting too tired to keep herself afloat. The pool was the one place where she would retrieve toys and bring them back. I'm glad that I lived in Florida and had some friends who allowed her to swim in their pool for a few months. Those are some good memories.


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