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blog referral and new skin care stuff

I only have a couple of minutes to check in--I should be studying. However, I want to share a few things.

My friend, Stacy, has created a blog to share her experiences as the mother of a child born at 25 weeks. Folks, that is 15 weeks early, almost half a pregnancy that her child missed. Please go read her blog: It is extremely educational. Stacy chose to have her child saved, and her perspective has helped me to bridge my experience as a former preemie with a somewhat positive outcome (although difficulties related to living with non-prematurity issues) and the perspective of people who had no choice and whose children have not had positive outcomes. I haven't changed my general view on the issue of the sanctity of life, particularly when we don't always know which outcomes will be positive--there are verified instances of kids who should not be walking or talking but are functioning at grade level and walking without assistance. There are no easy answers ethically.

My supplies from Nature's Gift arrived yesterday. I ordered some new carrier oils: cranberry and red raspberry. Both are supposed to be beneficial for eczema and dry skin. So I've been trying them in my baths... I could not be more satisfied! They are expensive but very much worth it.


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