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disjointed thoughts on Meg and my paper

I'm out the door soon... Meg is going to the vet today for a hip X-ray and a tick-borne diseases test. The vets around here think I'm crazy for doing this. "We don't have ticks here," the last one said when I brought it up. Time to put on my advocacy hat. Meg comes from NJ, tick country supreme. Tick-borne diseases can be latent for many years and cause arthritis symptoms. They are treatable. Two instructors from the school have now suggested this. It seems wise to do. She is now limping on some stairs that are steep. This means that in good conscience I cannot work her and sing in the choir... I don't know what that means in terms of my decision... I either leave her at home for church or else don't sing until new dog comes home... Emotionally I don't know that I'm ready to stop working her yet. But I did make a commitment to sing... This is very hard for me. I'll probably know more after the X-ray... I hope... I was hoping to work her until May--it's only two more months, and she still tries to go with me when I leave her behind. I don't use stairs at school... And retiring in mid-semester is not good for my stress level.

I don't have time to get emotionally worked up right now. I have a vet trip to do and a paper to write. In between the vet trip and more work on the paper, I'm making my rose lotion with my new humdinger eczema oils. Yes, my rose hydrosol is here, and it's yummy and I want to play! I wrote a section of paper this morning, and good progress is coming. I'll have to be working in the car on the way to Aunt Judy's tomorrow, and that's now a good thing. But it's life. At least the paper will be a goody. That is one thing I know. I'm actually enjoying doing this. Much coffee will be consumed this weekend...

That's all for now.


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