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Meg update

Meg is better, meaning the drugs seem to be working their way out of her system. The vet said he had never seen any dog react like that, but it can cause confusion and it's possible that since she's used to being hypervigilant the confusion was upsetting for her. She slept off and on for several hours, and whenever she was awake she cried. She showed no interest in food until about 6:00 P.M., and at that time she just took it in her mouth, howled like the world was ending, and spit it out. If I didn't laugh about it, I would have had a panic attack thinking something was seriously wrong with my dog.

I left my dad in charge of her while I went to a seminary social event. I'm not sure how I feel about the quality of my socialization, but I was present and I tried. I ended up coming home after an hour and a half or so. Meg was quieter and quite interested in the fact that I was home. Upstairs, she ate a couple of pieces of food and some biscuits. She was still whiny when she could not see me, so I've slept with the light on. The cats were very reactive to her distress: Sierra got in her face and purred, and that seemed to make her feel better. Inca walked around yowling--she is quite sensitive to Meg's distress.

The vet changed her pain meds in case she has developed a sort of tolerance to Rimadyl. He wasn't very interested in doing the tick diseases test, but I made him do it anyway. I'd rather rule out whatever can be ruled out at this point. When you've spent a thousand dollars on your dog, what's $130 more? Hopefully I'll have all those results back at the end of next week. At this point, May retirement seems to be confirmed as a wise course. He kept asking about whether she had just started limping or had been doing it for a while. Well, it's really hard to say because I can't look at her myself and tell. I can only go by how much stuff she's refusing to do that she would normally have no problem doing: stair climbing, jumping on beds, getting into vans, etc. He said she could have fallen on the ice while outside and torn a ligament; but I would think if that was the case that we would see general limping, and the refusal has been going on for quite sometime. Tuesday was just the first opportunity that someone sighted and observant had seen her walking on stairs--I don't like to use stairs with her.

On the choir issue, there is an option that involves less stairs. It also involves exiting out a side door, going outside and reentering the church through another side door. It still involves six steep steps; and if Meg is really hurting, I don't know that it's fair to make her don this. There may be other options. The director is on a missions trip right now. I'll talk with him when he gets back.


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