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reflections after Aunt Judy's party

I can't find words to describe my feelings or experiences this afternoon. Aunt Judy was wide awake before the party, eating French fries. When I went in, she happened to be looking at me and recognized me and called to me. She was quite perky, and I didn't see any sign of confusion except what seemed to come from her inability to see or hear clearly. If she couldn't recognize or hear a person, she couldn't put the person in their correct context. She communicates very simply; but that's all I've ever known of her. She stayed awake for the entire party, held a three-month-old baby, told her stories, listened to our stories, asked about family members who were absent, and praised the planning of the party. "I've never had a party," she said. Well, no wonder this mattered so much to her. Imagine waiting a hundred years to have a birthday party! I don't really know whether it's true; but it's not too hard for me to believe that a lady from a holiness family tradition wouldn't have had a birthday party. Such things would have been considered frivolous. I'm glad she got her party, and I'm glad she was awake to enjoy it!

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