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catching up on life

A quick review for those not getting the protected entries: I've had a stomach virus of some sort since 3:30-ish Sunday morning. The last time I had a real meal was Saturday night. I've consumed two cans of soup and a handful of crackers since then. They don't go over well. The doctor says if I'm not better by Thursday to call back--they aren't open tomorrow. (What is it with doctors and Wednesdays, anyway?) I am so hungry that I am becoming belligerent. I WANT FOOD!!!

I am going to class. I give the presentation on feminist theology this evening, and I've worked too hard not to miss it. Besides the fact that I can't eat, I am feeling all right by now. I sat up and did homework for the last two days, and I've done a bit of laundry with help today. It's all sitting here waiting to be put away before I sink into a nice, clean, germ-free bed...

Tomorrow should be much less stressful. I have finished the paper that's due on Thursday, and I only have two chapters to read. I might even be able to take a free day soon--a very modarate one because my 15-page history paper is due in six weeks and I'd like to start reading much earlier than I did last semester.

I'll post notes on feminist theology here since there has been some interest expressed. I'll put it behind a cut for the benefit of those who would rather skip it. It's been a fascinating project, and I actually ended up having to cut some stuff out of the presentation.

Must go get ready for class--ride is on the way.


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