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general update

Whew! The stomach virus is gone. I ate two "meals" yesterday--and a cookie. My nose is being a brat, as usual. However, at the moment, I am caught up with school and have a little bit of breathing room. I'm going to try to milk it and get a bit ahead while I have some energy.

I didn't do well on the worship midterm. I'm a bad test taker. I told one of my professors once that I would do great if I could write papers for my whole seminary career. I don't remember things for fill in the blanks well at all.

I am getting arrangements made to take Hebrew next year. I may be taking quite a heavy load again; but it looks like my classes will all be in the early part of the week. This may significantly help my study schedule because I'll be able to devote big blocks of time to studying. My undergrad schedule worked well when I did this. We'll see how it goes...


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