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positive update on my day

I have done good today! Got a good bit of studying done--not sure if I'm done yet, and I may actually finish the book for Monday. Got some work done on upcoming Sunday lessons. I went to lunch with Melanie, read2781, and itiya and had a blast! I also got the front of the house picked up and vacuumed and the kitchen cleaned. I scrubbed the cat box and washed my sheets on Wednesday, and I've done some clothes this week. So I'm actually nicely on my way toward a clean house. It feels really good, and it's an unexpected nice thing. Staying reasonably on track with my studying is nice for a change, too. I've shifted my schedule for the weekend around a bit in order to do the cleaning, but that's one of the reasons I wanted to schedule free days in the first place: it gives me the ability to alter my schedule if I feel like doing something other than studying without ending up feeling like I'm punishing myself. It's nice to actually be able to use the free days instead of having used them up being sick!

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