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update on a prayer request

On December 6, I posted a prayer request on behalf of hurricaneamy and her roommate, who were in a crisis regarding the pending sale of their house which had fallen through at the last minute. I wanted to post an update, especially in light of what I just posted about wailing and not paying attention to how God answers.

There are a couple of other background elements to this, and if you happen to have visited her journal you will be familiar with them. In their new apartment, they can only have four of their six cats. So they have been desperately looking for homes for two of the cats, Austin and Cassie. As of the day when I posted the prayer request regarding the sale of the house, no homes had been found and it appeared that both cats would be going to the shelter. This was extremely paingul for them--and painful for me in some ways because I had an emotional bond with Austin from the time when I had lived there as well as just feelings about cats in shelters. So I have been praying a lot about it.

A cash offer was made on the house that was lower than the original offer, but Amy's roommate decided to accept it. There were some other offers made that were higher but had some other strings attached that would have drawn out the sale. So the house is now sold and they are going ahead with the move as planned.

Things took a rather interesting turn in terms of the placement of two cats who could not
move with them. They were able to locate a potential placement last weekend, but during the interview it became apparent that one of the other cats (Callie) was a much better match for the particular person. Because of their feelings about placing rather than sheltering, they decided to go with the match and move Austin. This left only Cassie with no placement.

Yesterday afternoon, Christy scheduled a ride to the shelter with a cab driver who was familiar to her. When the driver saw the cat, he began asking about whether Cassie was spayed, how old she was, etc. He had wanted to get a cat for his child but had held off because his child was young and not able to take on the responsibility of caring for an animal. The child is an adolescent now and the family had begun looking into getting a cat. Their only other pets are birds. They expressed a desire to adopt Cassie in spite of her history of difficulty using the box. So Cassie did not go to the shelter!n


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