Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: bright spots in Sarah's day

Summarizing my bright spots. If someone could transcribe for those who can't hear these two voice posts, I would greatly appreciate it.

940K 4:48
“Sarah's day was very difficult. There is a problem with her taking Hebrew. I couldn't quite understand the few words she said about what the problem was as her voice got to quiet and my speekers are to cruddy smile, but there is some kind of problem. And they were saying she would need to take it at another college. So she spent a great deal of time advocating. This caused her to become very emotional and do a lot of crying. She was very blessed by the chapel service. There was a guest speeker who spoke on the topic of God always ca accomplishing what he sets out to accomplish, and how he will equiip a person to complete those tasks. Sarah found it very encouraging. She ran in to an old friend named Grag that she knew from the time she was undergrad and they went out for coffee. They had a great time. And this ends my inaddiquate summary.”

Transcribed by: turtlechelle

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