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musings over dinner

The migraine is gone. I've spent the day mostly lounging and recovering from being medicated last night. I didn't eat adequately today so will have to start that process all over again tomorrow. I did get my vitamins in, though; and the rest arrived from So I am now officially back on the complete regimen.

This evening will be spent doing some work with the upcoming papers and the journal. Fortunately, I still have some of my evening left. I'm feeling tremendously relieved on many fronts, and that is all good. I was very surprised to have to deal with a migraine yesterday. The Topamax has had me so well controlled that I never even think about the migraines anymore. I'll be re-thinking that policy--and anyone who catches me in the moody pre-migraine phase has free reign to ask me if I have Imitrex in my bag.


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