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perky morning ramblings

Got the last month's entries added to memories for your browsing pleasure. Thanks to turtlechelle for summarizing the phone post earlier this week. I finally got the long version written out as part of yesterday's entry on Hebrew. If you're looking for it, read the "bright spots" cut.

I'm happy to report that my jump-start-the-appetite project seems to have worked a bit yesterday. I'm hungray and energetic this morning, and that is a major improvement. I'm going to try to continue with the plan to eat before taking meds and see how that goes over. Taking Topamax on an empty stomach really does not do me any favors in the appetite department; and taking vitamins on an empty stomach is no picnic either. Perhaps I'll actually be something like healthy sometime soon... It would be nice since I do have a good bit of work to complete this semester and I don't get a break this summer. My book did say last semester that seminary life simulates the life of a minister at work. It looks like I'm getting nicely indoctrinated and will be ready for a real sabbatical at some point.

Papers and presentations a-coming (which means notes may be posted here and/or in my other LJ):

  • three-page reading report on Lessing's "The Education of the Human Race" (due 03/20)

  • Leading discussions on theology and disability

    • 03/19 general discussion of liberation theology and how it applies to people with disabilities and the church community 

    • 03/26 theology and our relationships: the healing of the whole community; healing is not just for people with disabilities 

    • 04/02 What does salvation mean for a person with disabilities and how can we share the gospel?

  • 15-page research paper on the American revolution and the implications of the "Christian nation debate" (due 04/02)

  • six-page paper on the return of Christ (due 04/04)

  • 15-page exegetical paper on passage of my choice from the Gospels or Acts (due at end of semester)

I have a bunch to do, and energy is required.

Christmas will happen again today. My soapmaking supplies are due to arrive. Yippee!!!


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