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morning musings

Got the Brambleberry soapbox opened. Unfortunately, my little soap bags are out of stock, which means I have to come up with some other creative packaging option because I hate hate hate shrinkwrap. Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby will be in order later...

Got interlibrary loan stuff ordered for my exegetical paper on Mark 5:21-43. Yippee! I'm really looking forward to this paper. Have to get through the current ones first. I've lost some fervor for the history paper. Maybe it will come back as I dig in. I've scanned nothing for my paper on the return of Christ, and I'm hoping to make it over to the library this afternoon with Melanie and snag some books before everyone else comes back and starts wanting them. I could use a bit of fervor in that department as well.

Right now my fervor is being stolen by a couple of things: the fact that my problem with accessing resources in Logos Digital Libronics System is solved at least to an acceptable level and the fact that I think I shall have my Juliet and Duxbury sometime this week. I got a call this morning saying that Duxbury is in, so we are just waiting on the embosser to arrive at the VR office and then installation day will be here. I am clearing a space like a maniac. This is going to finally necessitate the retirement of the Reading Edge--I need the space. That's ok... The OpticBook is doing its job quite nicely!

Look out, house! You're gonna get turned upside down! The time for spring cleaning hath arrived!


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