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end of day rambling

I've gone through three sources for my history book today, scanned three books for my theology paper and started another book for my history paper. I got almost all the laundry put away and some vacuuming done. I think I might be on a roll; but I'm feeling pretty stressed. I really need to work a lot fastar through the rest of the week if I'm going to get this stuff moving along nicely... I still have a big book to read for Monday and other stuff to work on as well. I have my physical on Friday in preparation for dog class in May and an eye exam on Monday.

I suspect that the exam on Monday may lead to a discussion of another procedure regarding my artificial cornea, which has become opaque. Originally, the procedure was done by bringing a piece of the white part of the eye down over the implant for several weeks until the implant had a chance to settle in. On the morning of my surgery, the protocol was changed, and my surgery was done differently. I still had a bit of good corneal tissue, and this was used instead. It remained clear, so they just never removed it. They hoped it would prevent staining of the implant.

My corneal tissue has become cloudy (opaque) over time. This could be a side effect of one of my medications (anti-inflamatory or corticosteroids). This has resulted in a very subtle but noticeable decrease in vision. I can still use my vision; but things are not clear. Everything looks "filmy." I took a picture of Meghan and Inca loving up on each other with my new cell phone the other day, and Melanie said it actually came out pretty well. How I take pictures is something to describe... I focused my eye on Inca and then put the lens in position parallel to my eye and trusted that it would work since I can't see the screen to line it up. Inca was about five feet away from me, so that tells me that I can locate my eight-pound black cat from five feet away on tan carpet (for whatever that's worth). But it took quite a bit of effort, and I would expect to see sharper contrast and perhaps be able to differentiate her from the gray cat. (I can't do it every time.)

We'll see how it goes. For now I'm going to try to get a little sleep and prepare for a full work day tomorrow punctuated by an appointment to wind up eight years of therapy. I'm obviously doing reasonably ok, and that's something to write home about. Maybe at some point I will write a little bit on this. I'm not sure entirely how much I want to write in a public post or how I want to do it; but I need to do something to recognize this.


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