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late night update

Just a check in...

  1. Sunday night = sleepless night of itching spots on legs and (less important) arms and trunk turning to excruciating pain that antihistamine plus three Motrin only sort of touched

  2. Managed to get miracle appointment at the doctor's office at 9:45 a.m. yesterday.

  3. Doctor diagnosed eczema and prescribed Zertec, which I took on an empty stomach because I was desperate for relief.

  4. Attempted nap unsuccessfully.

  5. Got up and scrubbed out kitty box (more on that adventure tomorrow maybe).

  6. Took out garbage.

  7. Made lotion which I hoped would relieve itching by moisturizing.

  8. It worked: I slept last night.

  9. Woke up this morning with very sore throat, congestion, and aching muscles.

  10. Now taking natural remedies for colds.

  11. Just great. I'd like more sleep tonight... I don't know whether I can use CPAP with this congestionor not!


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