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update on food stuff and Meg

A very quick update because I am very very behind on my plans for the week... (What else is new in my life lately?)

I am convinced that I am correct about the food sensitivities. I made split pea soup with leeks and roast beef and only permissible spices. It is extremely bland but edible. I am experiencing reactions to other things quickly (within minutes). I will keep doing this to the best of my ability. I will never be what the sites call "a failsafer" (doing the diet exclusively). I can't tolerate it socially or emotionally at this point in my life. I wish I had more people to talk to about this. I tried to join the salicylate_amine_exchange email list on Yahoogroups. It is very inactive, and my subscription is still pending after days and days and days. Perhaps I should send a note to the listowner since I can't fill out the comment field... This morning as I was fixing my soup, I was bordering on a sobbing fit over not being able to just add a bit of spice! I broke down and had a cup of raspberry hot chocolate for lunch and a bath with a smidge of raspberry and cranberry oil because my eczema was flaring so badly over the last couple of days. Now my sinuses are flaring. Perhaps I should have skipped the hot chocolate and just done the bath--the oils coule be fine but the preservatives in the hot chocolate might not be. I hate test diets! This afternoon I had a tapioca pudding--I'd probably be able to eat it if I made it but shouldn't have eaten store-bought... Dinner will be legal beans and ham. Ham is sort of questionable, but it's not processed a la lunch meat so I'm permitting it for now. I need some flavor in my beans.

Meg had a very "off day" yesterday. I had to redirect her attention a number of times while we were out and about, although once redirected she did well. Mike came out to work with me on a couple of new routes around campus, and he brought someone with him. Meg wowed them with her ability to learn new places by command in one try, even with her poor concentration. I was very proud of her.

Unfortunately, there seems to have been a reason for her poor concentration, as there has been in the past. She had one of her seizure episodes in class last night. She was sleeping nicely under the table and suddenly crouched and began trembling. I have had dogs do that when they needed to relieve; so I tried taking her out. She would not work and acted very confused when we got out into the hall. She stood there with her head down and wouldn't move at any command. I finally walked her to the outside door without making her work. When I opened the door, she made a run for the grass but didn't have to do anything. It was almost as if she was panicked. It was a strange experience, and part of me is inclined to just let her stop working now.

Work on the papers is slow. There's this thing called other classwork that is interfering with my progress. I will prevail!


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