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thoughts about Meg and musings from history paper research

I've been thinking over Meg's episode history a bit... I notice that they have all occurred in the evening and all been preceeded by crummy attention days. I'm hoping this will indicate that she can manage her last few weeks of work reasonably well. I may alter her retirement date slightly depending on a few things coming up (like my surgery date). We will see...

Got a bit of work done on the history paper... I'm making slow progress. I'm working on a book right now called Christian America? What Evangelicals Really Want. It's very interesting. One thing I learned from it is that the use of the term "Fundamentalist" to refer to the Christian right is incorrect. The term that is more accurate is evangelical, although the whole idea of evangelical politics is really about a minority of self-appointed Christian leaders. The book quotes many, many people who were interviewed in depth regarding a number of issues associated with concepts associated with the "Christian right." The responses are fascinating and illustrate a great deal of diversity among the evangelical population at large. This confirms my knee-jerk reaction to articles that propose things such as the existence of 45 million Dominionists in this country. These authors are abusing statistics and assuming that all evangelicals and Fundamentalists share the same views on all things. It results in a dumbing down of the political issues and an insulting of the intelligence of Christians--and there are many, many educated Christians out here and many Christians who hold a variety of differing views on a variety of theological and political issues regardless of educational levels.

Hope that was interesting to some of you... Now I'm going to bed for the third or fourth time today because I am suffering the lack of energy associated with stopping certain vitamins during the food sensitivity test. I'm not sure it's worth suffering this kind of fatigue... Next week I'm back on everything but vitamin C and lutein... A little gelatin reaction is a small price to pay for some much-needed energy...


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