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food plan revision

I've been thinking over my dietary eliminations for the better part of the last week. I keep thinking of my mom's reactions to what I was refusing to buy at the grocery store. Yesterday when I prepared my soup, I was nearly crying over the loss of flavor... All I really have to go on is the list of foods that are high in salicylates. But there are different types of salicylates, and I may react to some and not others. amyb0223 likely had a good point about doing reasonable eliminations. Even the Feingold folks suggest this "phase in" approach. It's how I worked the South Beach diet, and I probably need to do something similar with this and see what happens. I'm already doing quite a bit better just with most of the Daypro out of my system.

So let's try a modified plan: limiting high-salicylate foods to small to moderate amounts instead of totally depriving myself. This may allow me to avoid completely crashing the elimination diet on various occasions and feeling like an utter failure at it. Since I know it isn't reasonable for me to say I'm going to do a complete elimination diet, I'll say something that is reasonable for me to do.

Best foods:
iceberg lettuce
bamboo shoots
green onions
white potatoes
split peas
green beans
rice cereal
onion powder
butter/margarine/canola oil
cocoa (not commercially prepared)
white and brown sugar
powdered sugar
Sweet 'n Low
ham and bacon (moderate amounts, smoked rather than honeyed or sugar-cured)
corn (small amounts)
apples (red and golden delicious, small to moderate amounts, no green apples; other varieties undetermined)
peaches and pears (small to moderate amounts, preferably without skins)
orange juice (very occasionally)
grape juice (small to moderate amount, white over purple)
lemon (small amounts)
almonds (small amounts)
pecans and other nuts (small amounts)
blueberries (small to moderate amounts)
raspberries (small amounts)
cranberries and cranberry juice (small amounts)
white or wheat flour (moderate amounts)
vanilla (undetermined)
maple syrup (small amounts)
mustard (very small amounts)
tomato sauces (small amounts)
Worcestershire sauce (small amounts)
other pork (undetermined)
other lettuce (small to moderate amounts)
coffee (small to moderate amounts)
tea (moderate amounts)
celery (small to moderate amounts)
carrots (very small amounts)
pineapple (very small amounts)
spinach (small to moderate amounts)

Reactions to spices are undetermined at this point. I will eat them but may be modifying this depending on my findings.

What all of this means for eating with me is that I have to choose to accept or reject a prepared dish based on a number of factors: the ingredients that or in the dish (or likely to be in the dish if I don't know precisely); my general health and whether I can tolerate a reaction at the time; what else I have been eating lately; what I may be eating in the future; and whether I have the resources to cope with a reaction (medication, time to rest, etc.) or need to conserve energy. For those who know me personally and are planning any meals with me anytime soon, I appreciate support in the way of preparing things on my diet and eating along with me when it's tolerable. It feels alienating to be eating something dietary when the rest of the world is chowing on spaghetti which I love and recently had to give up. In time, I will learn to live with my limitations gracefully and simply eat what I can at a social engagement or eat later. In this beginning stage, it is very difficult for me but is something I need to do. There will be times when I actively choose to sacrifice and eat something "wrong" in moderation for the sake of a social engagement where there is no appropriate food, a restaurant where my favorite food is served, etc. If you think that eating one meal bland is difficult, please remember that I'm doing it every day and I have to work through a lot of anger and desire to simply throw in the towel. It's only day 1, and I'm already making choices to eat the food in my pantry that didn't go bad when I was sick during the last couple of months instead of throwing it out because I think it's unfair that I should have to give up certain things like my favorite soup... I have a much greater understanding of diabetics who don't eat strictly (and thus can't keep their blood sugars under control) than I used to.


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