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Q and me

Q has taken up residence in my home. If you are a Trekkie, you will either scream in terror or say, "Oh, fascinating!" If you are not, you will realize that I have simply exchanged my cell phone and will be spending some time learning new software when I'm not working on papers during the next couple of weeks. The local Verizon store people graciously extended my exchange period in case this doesn't work. However, I am guardedly optimistic. If I can learn the layout of the keyboard, I will have something to write home about. It's a standard QWERTY keyboard but seems to have a lot of keys that double depending on the operation mode from what I can tell. I'll know more once I get going with ActiveSync. For now, I am hungry and the history paper really needs some work. Tonight I'll be attending a musical and doing some picking up in preparation for hurricaneamy's arrival tomorrow afternoon.

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