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Q keyboard layout description

For Q users or prospective users...

The square with the raised circle in the center is where the arrows and center button are located. This is used to select menu items. There are two long buttons on either side of this as well as two smaller square buttons below these on each side. The long buttons are the left and right soft keys. The small buttons below the left soft key are the talk/answer button on the far left and the home button next to the arrow square. Below the right soft key are the hangup/end/power button to the far right and the back button next to the arrow square.

On the qwerty keyboard, the dot is on the D, which also functions as the number 5. The bottom row is shifted right, and where the Z would normally be is the alt key. On the right side, below the P key, is the enter key. Below this is the caps key.

On the bottom row, the left-most key is the email key. 0 is to the left of the spacebar. The camera key is to the right of it, and the speaker phone/voice recognition key is the last key to the right. The key on the actual right side of the phone near the thumb wheel is another back key.


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