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update on Meg and me

Meg is having more episodes. I can tell that she is also having more pain. I suspect that they are related. I am considering upping her pain meds and seeing if that will stop the seizures before considering antiepileptics. Retirement is fast approaching. At this point, I am hoping she makes it through the commissioning service, when she will be recognized with the senior students. Anything she can do past that point will be a blessing. My surgery will likely be approaching fast after that; so Meg stopping working will not be a big deal except that it will be hard emotionally. Time to order another cane... I'm not looking forward to this at all...

Rheumatology... I meet diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia; but that does not explain the pain in my wrists and hands. There is no evidence of osteoarthritis on my X-rays. I am never to take aspirin or NSAIDs again due to my reaction to Daypro. (That is no surprise.) She wants a bone scan and bloodwork done next Wednesday. I don't know what she's looking for exactly; but I did take note of the possibility of osteonecrosis caused by long-term steroiid use. This may be a key thing since I have at one time been on as many as four inhalers and Pred forte ophthalmic as often as every two hours.

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