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done with the 100 pages

I have mostly finished it. I have to admit that I skimmed. I found that some of the material was similar, just very much re-packaged. I did read the new chapters. I found that there was a positive element to doing the re-reading. I have had a very negative view of this book because of the apparent bias toward extremely traditional worship. I'm pleased to see that in the revised edition, Webber has incorporated extensive discussion of the impact of his discussion on contemporary churches and churches that use "convergent" methods (drawing on the traditional as well as the contemporary. I feel a lot less like I'm supposed to worship differently somehow, or like the new is wrong. I'm pleased about this. I'm still not very pleased about my bedtime or the fact that I have four remaining theology chapters to read... I wanted a free day on Wednesday, particularly after today. I am taking the laptop in the car tomorrow. I am going to get my free day.


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