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update on the crazy homework week

I have done one Grenz chapter, four Green chapters, and five Webber chapters. The remaining Webber chapters must be re-scanned because the library had an old edition of the book and there are three chapters missing; and the final chapter was a crummy scan. I'm borrowing the correct book from a classmate and scanning tonight. I'm working on more Grenz chapters. Green is easy reading; but it is tedious because the book scanned very poorly. This is not a bang-up week in the homework department. However, I will survive, and I WILL get my research day on Wednesday. I don't know when I'll have a free day... My schedule is not working as planned for me--yet. However, this is precisely why I wrote in so many free days. I am not tired yet. I am sleeping deeply now, not waking up to cough or blow my nose, and I am getting at least five hours a night. This is a good thing. And I have taken a nap today... Mom made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and I got some baby time in with Blake. That was a good way to start the day, and I am ok with all this work. I even got some laundry put away...

Things can improve from here... At least I can sing.

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