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cold update and ramblings on Topamax and my EEG

I'm feeling a bit better today. I've gone downstairs to take the dog out and check the mail, and I'm not feeling painful and fatigued when I come back up. That's a major improvement. I'm still a bit "fuzzy" and tired. I got a bit of "rest" if one can call zoning out on the bed with the cat and rousing to make sure that yes, I'm still breathing rest. I haven't been really chatty on the phone with people--I'm too "fuzzy" to make much sense for very long. But I'm trying to stay in touch.

My nose is noticeably improved. I've been gulping down huge glasses of water, making liberal use of cough drops, and Dad brought in a three-pack of family-size boxes of Puffs and a bag of peppermints! Woo hoo! I'm hoping for at least moderate sleep tonight.

The fact that I have made it through this particular week without a major emotional breakdown is big news. It's either saying a lot about my progress in certain areas or a lot about the effect of Topamax--and since I have been questioning the effectiveness of Topamax lately, maybe it's a bit of both and Topamax is just doing its job and I'm not noticing such a gigantic relief as I did in June. That does happen sometimes when I don't NEED as much emotional relief from a medication. (Note to self: Discuss this with therapist.)

I finally had my EEG sent off for a second opinion. We'll see what comes of it. I'm not really expecting anything significant in the way of results, but if nothing else it will be nice to have someone describe the wave patterns to me since this was not done in the report that I read. I'm too tired to get very upset about it in general, but I don't think the whole thing was done well and in hindsight I wish I had gone to the center in Indianapolis for something so important.


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