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semester in review

Pastoral theology: A-

Educational foundations of Christian ministry: A-

Constructive theology I: B+

Christian life and thought to 1500 (aka church history): B+ (the hardest B+ I have ever earned

GPA: 3.5

I finally figured out how to look at my grades online. The site is not very screen reader friendly, and I couldn't begin to explain why. I think there are portions of the screen that have to be clicked on to get the grades to appear--or at least that is the behavior that I had to simulate with the keyboard in order to make them come up.

And if I am not mistaken, someone just hit a power pole somewhere near us. Our power just failed briefly, and I heard a big bang off in the distance. That's a lovely thing to go to sleep to. Inca is playing her game of jump on the desk fifty million times in a row, so I may not get any sleep anyway.

3.5. Can I do better next semester without sacrificing the new things I am committing myself to do? Last semester, I did almost nothing but school. I need to be fair to myself and say that it's hard to learn how to "do school" again when I have been out for so long and my undergrad GPA left a bit to be desired. When I pulled up my grades tonight, I could see all the old ones as well as the current ones. It was very interesting. If I had known then what I know now--how to study as a person with disabilities who did not have access to everything in her preferred format--I could have done much better. I was never prepared for this, and when I got into taking courses with highly visual content and a lot of reading that I was dependent on other people for, my grades plummeted. It would take several years to get out of that slump; and by that time, I would not have much hope of bringing the GPA up very far, even if I did well in several classes.

So I struggled a lot with low confidence about my academic ability. I am learning that I am capable of doing this. I am learning that some of my "problem" is due to careless mistakes and working when I am too tired. I am learning that I need little helps, and hopefully I will be able to devise them in time to keep myself on track. It all matters because I do need to learn how to take on some additional things besides school. I cannot just do school for four years--I will burn out, and I will miss the opportunity to develop some important skills that are not taught in seminary. And I need to keep up with things like my writing and singing. I realized after the start of the break that I had not listened to any music or played or sung through the whole semester. The house was too quiet!

I've made good progress on the housework this week. The front of the house is company-ready. The back still needs work. I had to take time out because of my pain levels. That's all right. I will get there.

Goodnight. I will win the war with Inca tonight. I am tired.


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