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disability and feminist theology

We are now talking about feminist theology. I really cannot warm up to this! I'm having the same problems with some of the disability theology I've tried to read. Some of the writers try to present God as "disabled." It really bothers me. But if I say these things, other people with disabilities tend to think that I'm just trying to fit into "normal" society. I hate that, too. Do I have to conform to their ideas in order to be a "good enough" disabled person? I would certainly hope not! And I hope I never treat anyone like that. (I'm sure that I sometimes do, and I should repent of it.)

Why does god have to be disabled in order for me to relate to Him? Why does God have to be disabled in order for my full humanity to be promoted? God is not disabled. God is Creator, fully able. In fact, He is much more able than any able person could ever be. He is able to understand me without becoming exactly like me. He did not have to become a woman in order to have compassion on women and understand their experiences. Jesus was a man. He was a Jewish man. But it was a Samaritan woman who experienced his absolute knowledge of her and acceptance. Why can I not have that same experience?

Another issue: I am weak. That is a fact that cannot be changed. Our society idolizes strength and independence. it has to be ok for me to say that I need someone stronger and more able than I am to take care of what I can't. If God is disabled just like I am, then He can't be God. Why would I want to take Him down from His throne? More importantly, how dare I take Him down from His throne!

God is a God of reconciliation. If I must make God disabled, then I am rejecting any possibility of reconciliation with people without disabilitiies--and especially with the God who is perfect and holy. If I am so concerned about the impact of the Bible texts on me, what is the impact of my immature reaction to them on God? How do I grieve His heart by accusing Him of a lack of compassion? How patient He is to continue in love for me!


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