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drawing assignment and staying up late

I spent about four hours on two assignments today. Something tells me they weren't supposed to take that long... Perhaps I'm wrong; but part of what took so long was making them accessible! I had one of Alexis' moments of thinking that life would be so much easier if I was sighted. I'm not, and it's not really any good spending time or energy working myself up over it or thinking I'm less worthy because of it; but it's true that I would have spent less time on the assignment if I was sighted, and it does frustrate me that educational programs assume that the world can draw and diagram and I am stuck either spending gobs of time thinking up an alternative that I can do on my own or finding someone to draw for me just so that my work looks like everyone else's. One of the things that frustrates me about the whole drawing issue is that when someone draws for a blind child, the lesson is really lost for the child. The point of the drawing is to give the lesson meaning, not to provide something to do; but most often the solution that is employed is to make it possible for the blind child to either participate by coloring inside tactile lines (which he often does not understand unless they are explained) or to have a picture drawn for him so that he can take it home (in which case he really did not participate at all). In my case, having someone draw on my behalf is frustrating because there is no way to ensure that the produced image is equal to what I conceptualized.

Speaking of pictures that children color, just how accurate are they? I seem to remember someone placing my hand on a portion of a picture and telling me that it was Abraham's shirt... Did Abraham wear pants and a shirt? I doubt it! But we wouldn't dare dress these Old Testament characters authentically, would we? It would raise a lot of cultural questions that we adults don't like to discuss with children.

I have consumed some 30 oz of coffee today. The good thing is that I am no longer running a fever and I have taken all of my meds on time and eaten three meals.

Laundry calls.


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