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week in review

I need to write a ton of reflections, but I still feel very short on time... I hope this gets better. Today I took the day off just for me. I needed it badly. I typed up a lot of old journal notes and did some expanding of last week's reflection on the book situation. It felt good to finish all of that.

If I didn't need to take 12 hours in order to receive financial assistance, I wouldn't have done it right now. To be honest, it probably was too much for me at this stage of my life, just figuring out my stamina level after dealing with so much illness. I will definitely need to take the summer off and just rest. I thought about taking some classes; but I think it's a bad idea. I need to respect my need for rest and reflection. Part of my ministry is writing, and I hardly have time for this. I understand now why sabbaticals are recommended.

I'm doing somewhat ok in the balance department. I've gotten my work done, attended church and other community functions, had some good conversations with Alexis and even took a walk on the spur of the moment the other day, made phone calls to some out of town friends, and mostly ate ok. I got out of my funk with loss of appetite, and now I'm just struggling to eat the right foods. I could improve in that area. I've had too much sugar and not enough veggies, and I'm feeling very sluggish today.

I could also use some improvement in my personal devotional life. I'm having to snatch snippets of time here and there, and that's really not how I like to do personal study at all. But for now, it's what's happening.

I finished my review of What to Expect in Seminary on Saturday. I was once encouraged to write in more detail. Now I have to edit my papers down. Someday I'd like to take the time to work with this book in great detail and even write my own seminary experience out in detail. Maybe no one would read it; but the writing is therapeutic for me.

I am occasionally running across unfamiliar words. I wish I could take notes faster and have them available for looking up quickly. Vocabulary is not my strong point, and it seems that people with advanced degrees rarely speak simply.

My accomplishments this week:

  • I belly laughed.

  • I petted the cats--all three of them.

  • I rubbed my dog's belly.

  • I cleaned my breathing machine out twice.

  • I held a baby.

  • I complemented a stranger on her dog at the vet.

  • I emailed my exercises to my professor on time.

  • I talked with a friend who was feeling sad.

  • I made a turkey.

  • I took a walk with Alexis.


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