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update on the day

Today has been a very quiet day for the most part. hurricaneamy left for the bus station around 7:00 this morning. Alexis and I did some light picking up around the house before I left for my appointment at the hospital.

Labwork went with no trouble. Getting the dye injected for the bone scan was another story. The people were very nice; but some of the dye went outside the blood vessel and stung badly for several minutes. Mom said she could tell that I was in intense pain by the look on my face. They had to look with the camera and make sure it actually went in. Fortunately, it did.

I came home for about three hours following the dye injection. I was very fatigued, and I took a nap with Sierra. She was very insistent about the nap, and I was quite happy to oblige. If I showed pain on my face, it must have been intense. I really am not good at rating scales at all. I kept trying to tell myself it wasn't really so bad--after all, the injection wasn't supposed to bother me. What a lifetime I have spent trying to minimize my own feelings and feel what people tell me I will feel!

The scan itself was not bothersome at all. I was laid out on a table with pillows under my head and knees and a band around my feet to hold them in position, and I took another nap while the table did its thing. It moved slightly from time to time, and I was concerned about my vertigo kicking in; but the movement was very slow and the vertigo settled down nicely and I fell asleep. I really could have slept the afternoon away.

I've been doing some scanning for my theology paper this afternoon, made a pot of beans and ham, and otherwise have had a much-needed quiet day. The big history paper went off to the professor yesterday, and I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders. I think that May is going to bring a much-needed reduction in pressure as long as the Hebrew arrangement works out. I'm still having difficulty laying hands on a braille copy of Thomas Lambdin's Introduction to Biblical Hebrew. I'm too angry to post about it at the moment, and i hope to resolve the issue soon.


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