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Quick updates, as usual... I would post something substantial; but it is 2:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. comes very quickly. Someday I'll write profound thoughts in here again...

Tomorrow I participate in a group presentation on the synoptic problem. Amazingly, I have come up with something for my portion of the presentation, and it is mostly finished. I will be going on very little sleep tomorrow, but fortunately I have Irish cream coffee and Irish cream creamer to stash in my bag--and for once I will be stashing it despite the weight. I must stay awake!

The student lounge has "an odor," as we were informed via an email. Melanie says it smells like a moldy basement. I will find another place to work on my paper in the afternoon tomorrow--maybe I will even come and work on it in the comfort of my own home to the taste of more Irish cream. We will see. The paper, by the way, is taking some potential shape--or at least the notes are. The paper itself will take shape on Wednesday morning, after I have slept and had more Irish cream. Then two theology chapters will also be taking shape--this time with notes so that hopefully I will not fail the quiz.

Meghan goes to the vet on Thursday and will be starting Phenobarbitol. Retirement will likely follow soon afterward, depending on her side effects. The vet says it can cause "a drunken walk." That won't do for guidework. I am not ready for this, but time is not my friend right now and that's just too bad.

I still do not have a Hebrew book. I don't know how I will study Hebrew in May. I hope someone at JBI discovers a bunch of boxes marked "Lambdin, Introduction to Biblical Hebrew" very very soon--tomorrow would be nice.

My eye surgery is still not scheduled yet. Getting on the schedule soon would be nice. I don't like being in limbo, especially so close to "dog day."

Bloodwork was normal. There is some "slight inflamation" on my bone scan. I won't know what that actually means until May 16, when I go back. Perhaps I'll think up a name for the mystery illness. I think that would be a fun way to pass the time... I'll call it... Hmm... Hmm... What would be a good description for a chronic pain condition that evades diagnosis and affects every joint used for purposeful activity and keeps one awake at insane hours? I'll sleep on it and get back to you.


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