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Meg's retirement

This is from Meg's retirement note, which went off to the Seeing Eye early this morning. She worked beautifully on 04/14 and I thought that we might escape significant Phenobarbitol side effects. However, they have finally kicked in. I attend a large church, and she had great difficulty navigating through
the crowd (very unusual). Her reflexes are very delayed, and she ran me into a lot of people without stopping. If she encountered a traffic jam, she stopped and would not make a decision about which way to go. Her gait is very affected, and she is relieving six times a day instead of three. Her appetite is ravenous, and her paper fetish and general distraction level are becoming difficult to manage. Her distraction level and poor reflexes and decision-making ability would make it absolutely unsafe to work her, even in an indoor environment. I am supervising her on the stairs at all times due to her gait difficulties but am afraid for her to be unattended downstairs all day. My parents are excited about having her, but I think the only way this will work is because I am able to check in on her and relieve her. I truly wish there was some other way to manage the seizures. This is no way for Meg to have to live, and it is breaking my heart worse than retirement itself. 


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