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I walked over and got muffins, milk, and coffee with my cane. This is a big accomplishment.

  • I walked on a part of campus that I never walked in 1990 as a cane user because i was too intimidated by the intersecting sidewalks and open space.

  • I did not trip, fall, or spill my coffee even though the area is uneven and strangely inclined. I don't notice it with a dog--walking with a dog allows for more natural movement, but walking with the cane requires me to focus intensely on the ground with the one hand and my coffee with the other. It creates a lot of dissonance in my brain.

  • It took me three times as long as it would have taken with a dog. Opening doors with a dog is easy--I can drop the harness and let the leash rest on my write, but when opening the door while using the cane, I still have to hold something. It is very difficult to carry things in this travel mode and maintain efficiency.

  • I want my new dog.

But I did do it. And someone even said good morning to me. And I did not cry when the Cafe Au Lait ladies asked where Meg was and I had to explain why she was retired, etc. They had chocolate chip muffins fresh out of the oven... I better eat before my muffin gets cold and boring.

Three Splenda and hazelnut in a Starbucks coffee is good.

A B- on my Bultmann reading report is acceptable.

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