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update on me and thoughts on prevention

Tuesday night I slept most of the night... I woke up several times to cough but fell asleep againnicely. I was in bed for about eight hours.

In the morning, I vacuumed most of the house, and that seemed to help significantly. I was very fatigued by the time I had only one room left, so I didn't do it and decided to take a nap. I slept for six hours!

In the evening, I took care of the litter box, another thing that should help with my breathing. Last night I slept for about nine hours and woke up only three times to cough. My voice is definitely on the mend, and I'm trying to be patient with it. I hate being stuck in bed for a couple of days, much less a couple of weeks!

I've had some concern about the frequency of my illnesses this year. I didn't panic as badly as I did in October, but I am a bit afraid of the cycle getting started. I need to try to take some preventive measures, especially with my medication count rising again.

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