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I walked over to get muffins during the break this morning. On the way back, I noticed that I could see the grass line off to my right. At the same time, I was watching off to my left for the big garbage can that served as a landmark indicating the location of the sidewalk where I should turn toward the library. I was surprised that I could see a wide enough area to do this--my field has become much smaller than what I remember it being. I found myself thinking a lot of things. Are my vitamins helping? What about the people who run around every day who never have vision? What message am I sending about my impressions of their capabilities if I rely on my vision all the time?

But if I ignore an ability that God has allowed me to have, am I rejecting it? What am I saying about all of those prayers I prayed, all that struggling I did? Wouldn't I be saying that it was all just empty words, that I didn't mean any of it? Doesn't it make more sense to use what I have, to fully be the person God made me to be? Otherwise, aren't I settling for less than who I am, saying that I know better than He what kind of person I should be? Certainly, if I lose my vision, then I cope with it; but if I have it, why should I deny it? That is no better than denying my limitations.

And suddenly, being without Meg was ok. I could not have learned the lesson with her. I would have been in too much of a hurry.

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