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finals week is here

Finals week is upon me. I did well with the first one, and the professors were very flexible and kind with an unexpected accessibility issue that came up. In seminary, sometimes they have us utilizing certain resources during finals. Usually it is things like a Bible, which I can use on my laptop without going online. Today it was a resource that we had used in class that I had not scanned because we had only used it occasionally as a reference to glance at. One of the staff scanned the pages in question for me, but the scan did not translate well. I showed it to one of the professors, and we talked a bit about what to do with the question. I answered as well as I could, and I hope that the point was made that I do know how to use the resource, assuming it is accessible.

I have been working quite hard for my church history exam, which is in the morning--in five hours. After the exam, I have to come home and finish a paper that is due in the evening. Then I start hitting the books for Thursday's exam.

I have quite a bit of reflecting I'd like to do; but it's probably going to have to wait until after finals are over. I am very tired and struggling significantly with feelings of depression and inadequacy lately. I don't know how to handle them very well or what the solution is. Time for reflection will probably help some; but at some point I do need a change in some particular circumstances in my life. I can control a lot of things about how I present myself and how I respond to circumstances; but ultimately life is a two-way street and something really does need to happen in the other direction to help me along a bit.

One bright spot is visible. Two volumes of Hebrew book arrived this afternoon. I will not be behind in class next week. And I studied on the porch with flowers this evening.

Oh yes... Inca purred me a nice long story this evening.


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