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more updateage and stuff about Hebrew


I ran out of a bunch of vitamins a couple of weeks ago. It is significant to me that the vitamins are out of my system and I am now sick. I am restarting them tomorrow--they came in the mail yesterday. I'm tempted to lose the doctor appointment in the morning--I see the nose guy on Tuesday anyway, and he could probably take care of this as well as she could... In my current state of mind, I won't be surprised if she says it's probably viral--that seems to be the going explanation for whatever anybody comes down with.

My head pain is now tolerable. I don't know whether it is thanks to Darvocet, a couple of good nose blows, or just being still and not moving. I still don't really want to eat, but I'm doing Jell-o, trying to get some of that liquid in...

I've been researching ways to access the International Phonetic Alphabet. I'm apparently going to encounter it in my Hebrew study. It looks like half of my Hebrew study is going to be taken up with learning how to access language resources using JAWS and Duxbury. I would be better at doing this research if I was well and could think clearly.


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