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end of semester rambling

Wrote this earlier at the Cracker Barrel.

The semester is over. I caught some sort of virus as I was working on my last paper on Tuesday evening. I begged an extension from the professor and turned it in on Wednesday evening. Somehow, I made it through my theology final with minor memory lapses. I am convinced that it helped that Dr. Stafford prayed for us ahead of time. I certainly did not have the time for studying that I had planned to have. That seems to be the story of my life this semester, and I hope that future semesters go much better.

On Monday, I officially begin studying Hebrew. I think that I will be devoting as much study to learning to use technology to access foreign language resources as I do to the study of Hebrew. I am equipped with JAWS, a braille display, Duxbury braille translator, and an embosser. This should provide me all I need to access resources. I just need to figure out how to make it work; and right now my concentration is very poor. I’m tired of trying to figure out why. I feel like I need a perpetual nap, but sleep doesn’t refresh me.

I leave for the Seeing Eye on May 26, and I’d like to devote some time to writing about my dogs and my feelings about the upcoming trip. I can’t seem to get at my feelings very well.. I almost feel like my brain has shut down. There are many things I need and want to get done between now and the time I leave:

  • deep clean the house

  • learn to use Duxbury and embosser

  • update web site

  • work on CD

  • organize bookshelves

  • learn to use Libronics software

  • do some writing on various projects

I’m sure this is too ambitious to cram into three weeks, and I will need to leave some of it for later. I do have three medical appointments between now and then.


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