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Hebrew, day 3

Today I wrote in Hebrew! Well, getting there was a journey...

We first attempted using the Hebrew keyboard that is part of Windows. It worked fine, meaning that the characters on the screen matched what was on the braille display. However, the keyboard wasn't matching what my professor was used to using. He uses one made by Logos. So we installed this. I had a conflict between the two Hebrew keyboards and had to remove the first. Removing a keyboard requires finding it in the dialogue with the JAWS cursor and routing PC to JAWS in order to select it. This brings up the remove button.

The only difficulty after this was that I had the Hebrew keyboard selected as the default for use when the computer booted up. I had to change this back to English.

I was able to produce letters with the daghesh; however, a few of these special letters don't show up on the display when I add a . after them. This is hard to explain. When I note it later in any documentation, I will actually use Hebrew characters to demonstrate the problem.

I took in the Katz book and a volume from the Hebrew Bible. I read a bit of the introductory material from the Hebrew Bible aloud to him, and I think it was educational. We did a little work out of the Bible, and it was quite fruitful. I also learned that the other class is still on vowels; so I am not far behind, even with the technical problems and additional things to learn. My professor seems to think that I am a quick study.

Today I'm going to take some time off to clean up the house and perhaps do some work with music; and then I'll get busy charting so that I can stop carrying around so many books. I took two bags to class today, and it was really rather difficult to manage.


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