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Hebrew, day 5

Class is becoming less eventful. Today we finished the introductory material, which was the goal for the week. I discovered yet more differences between the Lambdin transcription, the JBI Hebrew Bible, and refreshable Hebrew braille. I discovered that for some reason JAWS will not display Hebrew in tables in Word. I have no idea why or what to do about it. I have been converting the Word files with tables to HTML, and that seems to solve the problem.

The one significant thing that I learned today was how to modify the braille translation table in JAWS so that the Hebrew symbols match my hard copy symbols as closely as possible. This will be a somewhat tedious process and may require Melanie's help at some points; but it will get done in time. I think that over the next handful of weeks I may really begin to take off with this! I've been taking some time to set up my desktop computer for Hebrew reading and writing (install cardo and SBL Hebrew fonts, install Hebrew language and Logos biblical Hebrew keyboard, etc.) I'm going to try doing some exercises this weekend and see how things go. I'll work slowly on modifying the US-Unicode translation table and then transfer the new file to my laptop. It might be easier if I just located the file in Duxbury and ported it; but I haven't installed Duxbury on this computer yet. Playing with the Juliet is another potential project for the weekend.


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May. 12th, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)
I am assuming that the braille in the Katz manual and the Hebrew Bible is standard. I will be doing a lot more research on this over time. The sheer amount of errors in the Lambdin text causes me to distrust the transcription. I would like to get hold of additional hebrew texts. It is worth noting that for the most part, what I see in the Bible and Katz matches JAWS. The problems that are occurring with JAWS are contextual problems because JAWS can't interpret rules that determine which symbol to use where. It's hard to explain this without giving a Hebrew lesson.
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