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med update

My rheumatologist is stumped. My antibodies are negative. There is no invlammation in my joints. I don't have enough points for a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. My sedimentation test was "mild." She asked how I felt on the six-day steroid burst. I didn't pay attention to anything except my breathing. I'm on a ten-day trial of 10 mg Prednisone per day now. If it helps, she said she will call it "a weird rheumatoid arthritis." If not, I'll stop the steroids and talk with Dr. H. about pain management. I don't know how we will accomplish this since I have no diagnosis. Needless to say, I hope the steroids help even though they send my moods on a crazy roller coaster. Pain sends my moods on a crazy roller coaster as well. If the steroids help, at least I'll use less pain meds. There are two remaining tests to do; and they will be done on Friday. We will see what happens.

When I get back from dog training, I will detox from salicylates as completely as possible (minus my medications) and begin the real testing. I haven't paid much mind to anything except the extremely high foods. I'm certain that this has helped me; but a complete detox would be very hard on me and I wouldn't maintain it in training anyway.

Inca has forgiven me for sending Meg downstairs. After weeks of yowling and hiding on the couch, she is asleep on her pillow!


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May. 17th, 2007 01:36 pm (UTC)
your message
Hi, it's Becca...couldn't leave my url for some reason...
Yeah, I referenced Dr. Ross's papers while writing mine, but there was a format, which Lew didn't exactly give us, so it wasn't really useful...but yeah, I know about them.

I wasn't expecting a decent grade on that paper, because I just did it to get it done, I didn't even read through it before I emailed it...so I'm pretty happy with a B!

Lunch would be fun! I think I might be getting a new kitty soon...I found an adorable Snowshoe at the Noblesville Humane Society, so we're going to see how he gets along with my big dumb dog:) Let me know when I can come love on your cats!
May. 17th, 2007 01:50 pm (UTC)
Re: your message
Hey, come love on my kitties anytime! I'll give you a buzz and see what your schedule is like. I may have Melanie's kitty on Saturday too... I'm just cleaning up the house and doing Hebrew stuff lately... Oh, and getting ready for dog class. Hmm... Does this thing email you back my comments? It probably wants you to have an LJ account or something. Guess you could make one without having an LJ. Then you could see my friends-only stuff too. LOL! Btw, I am really happy for you about your grades. I was too zoned out to do another comment with the audio security thing. You did better than I did. LOL I am a very bad test taker. If I could just do papers, I'd do very well.
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