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quick pre-breakfast entry: Loretta update and dress code thoughts

Loretta had a rough night last night. She took advantage of a 10:00 parktime and was restless and whining at 3:30. It was very hard to get her to lie back down, and I suspected this was due to her need to relieve herself. She did not touch her water this morning and peed as soon as we got out the door. I'll be speaking to pete at breakfast.

My pain level is tolerable this morning. I can walk normally but do notice some irritation. I am taking a break from supports for a day--they actually tire me since I'm not quite used to them--but opted for pain meds to give me a bit of comfort so that I can focus on working with Loretta instead of on managing my discomfort responses.

I wanted to write yesterday about the "dress code." This is a significant thing that sometimes keeps people away from the Seeing Eye. We discussed it at the table at breakfast because there was a meeting scheduled before lunch and none of us would have time to change. Pete explained that in the past, instructors would be sent away from the table if they did not come in wearing a suit and jacket, and likewise with students. However, instructors now often wear shorts to the table as long as they are in good shape. The dress code has relaxed significantly as cultural dress norms have changed. In the 1930s, when the school was founded, "business atire" was quite formal. Now, "business atire" often depends on your line of work. It may even be a nice pair of jeans or slacks in some occupations, and many pairs of jeans cost $50 to $75. I suppose this is hard to describe in literature, and they can't require people to bring a certain class of clothing. However, I think the literature does now say "business clothing," and if you call they say to wear things you might wear to work.

I wore jeans yesterday and sat next to Judy Deuschle. I bought new pairs of jeans for this trip because my pairs were all old and frayed at the bottom and had stains on them. I did bring things to dress up in; but in the past I have never been criticized for not dressing up when I didn't feel well. I suspect that the schedule now is also packed a lot tighter than it was when the school was very small, and that's something that they respect as well.

Later this morning, thoughts about dog handling and probably more historical stuff...


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