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why I love this school so much

My calls from home are set up to ring my cell phone simultaneously so that I can take calls while I am away. Alexis receives most of her calls via her cell phone, but occasionally she will receive one on the house phone. This is an agreement we came to early after her move--we had taked about whether she wanted to get her own line, but she decided she would just receive calls this way and use the house phone to make outgoing calls. So this morning when the cell phone rang and the call showed Seeing Eye, I knew that it was not for me. They would not call me at home while I was here.

A few minutes later, I was walking down the hall and my phone rang again. The call showed as Alexis on her cell phone. I picked it up as I was standing at the top of the stairs. "I got in!" she said. I think the whole building could hear me exclaiming over her excitement--she has been waiting for this call for a year. When I got to the second landing on the stairs, Judy Deuschle was standing at the bottom. Judy has gone through all kinds of trials and tribulations with me and various dogs, and she knows how unabashed I am about my responses to things and how fervently I commit to working through things. She said, "That's not Alexis, is it?" And she had that tone that said she knew that of course, it was Alexis, and she had just told me all about it. I got off the phone, raced down the stairs, and Judy gave me a tremendous hug. It was a joy that we both shared because we both knew how badly Alexis had wanted this and how hard it was for me to watch her fear never getting in.

What I love about this school is the way that the staff is not inhibited about joining in celebrations like this with us, even with people they don't really know yet. And no one ever forgets things. They're great at encouraging us to overcome past hurts because they know how badly things hurt and they can say, "I remember. I know. Let's keep plugging away." And they're super at partying it up with us because they know how much every little step means--especially when something is such an overwhelming self-esteem boost!

What a huge day brightener!!!

Alexis, go get yourself some cupcakes and Snapple!


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