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Loretta's stats and their emotional significance

I forgot to post this earlier--well, really, I ran out of time because I wanted that coffee! I got Loretta's stats this morning. She is a golden retriever/yellow Lab cross, 22 inches tall and 58 pounds. There are amazing parallels with this journey... I was in training with Elli, who was a black Lab and also 22 inches and 58 pounds, at the end of my first undergrad year at AU in May. Now, at the end of my first grad year, I am training with Loretta, whose personality is quite similar as well as her physical size. This just continues an amazing string of parallels in my life right now; and if I allow myself to believe, I can understand that God does, indeed, restore the years that the locust has eaten--not chronologically but qualitatively. There is no real significance to these parallels; but He does use them to draw my attention to His genuine faithfulness to me.

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