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general dog update

My dog parked on the curb today. It was a big victory because most dogs don't like to do this and many will refuse to go for a long time if this is the option they are given. I wanted to try it with Loretta a few times before leaving just so that she has had the exposure and knows what I expect of her in the travel situation where our park options are limited. The first few times, I got her to walk but she did not want to go on the curb. So after three or four minutes, I took her back to the park and let her go there. I figured I would try when she really had to go and see what happened. The only problem was that I forgot this morning and let her go in the park. So this afternoon I tried again after she had not parked since 11:00 this morning. She was desperate, and she only walked twice before squatting right down. She got showers of praises and inside at her own request. Unfortunately, we ran out of her new food, and I'm waiting on the instructor to arrive with a new supply; so my girl is hungry. I hope she gets to eat before I do! I feel mean eating before she does.

This morning we did some work in the grocery store with the gentle leader and clicker. I tried click/treating for sitting patiently while I shopped for items and paid. I am very impressed with the effectiveness of this, although I don't know that I want to use it very often. I was not feeling well neurologically this afternoon; so we did cat exposure and I met with the home instructor and discussed what I'd like to do next week. I am nearly packed for my trip home. Late this afternoon, we went over and reviewed loretta's vet records. She is in good health and is responding well to treatment for the soft stools. We're all set for the home journey tomorrow. Now if only someone could slip me some of the chocolate pudding pie that is on the menu for lunch...


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