Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: correct transcription

231K 1:17
“I'm just calling to say that I'm home. It was a long, very very long day. I'll post the details in a text post tomorrow. For now I'm very exhausted. The flight was awful. The coming home part was good, and the cat part went much better than I expected. That's a basic summary. There's a lot to tell, and I'm falling asleep. Loretta's afraid of Inca, but she's working on it. Sable smacked her, so they have a mutual agreement that they don't care about each other. Sierra has a mutual agreement that she loves her when I'm not there. And I think I don't trust myself with anything else because I'm falling asleep. That's all. Good night. [Edit: What I meant to say was that Sierra and Loretta really hit it off, but as you can see and hear, I was falling asleep mid-post.]”

Transcribed by: 3kitties
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