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health update and med thoughts

I am amazed!

Yesterday my doctor talked about the possibility that I may need the inhaler all winter. I cringed and really hoped not. I was very glad when he said to use it for two weeks and then start again at the onset of a cold.

Do you hear the "but" coming?

The Pulmicort prescribing info says that some improvement can be felt within 24 hours, but it can take up to two weeks to get maximum improvement. I went to the doctor yesterday begging for something because I couldn't sing three notes without wiping out with that nasty phlegm sound. Today I am singing through my entire range with only a tiny hint of a break!

On Tuesday I was still napping for three hours during the day, even after sleeping ten hours at night. Yesterday I was awake by default between the doctor and having C here. Today I haven't gone to bed... I've been busy writing, doing dishes, writing, eating lunch, writing, writing, writing...

I thought about all these entries I've been writing since October, where I've been complaining about lack of energy and melancholy emotions, feeling that my Topamax wasn't working anymore... I don't think the problem was the Topamax at all! I think the problem was silent symptoms of asthma. I haven't had enough oxygen! I've been using all my energy to breathe!!! I feel as well as I felt last June!

I think the doctor may be right about the Pulmicort during the cooler months. I'm planning to talk with him once the two weeks are up. I never suspected this because I wasn't having asthma attacks like those I've had in the past; but this is showing me that I've had a bigger problem than I've been aware of. I'm even wondering if going back on Singulair might be a wise thing. I hate the rising medication count--I keep saying that it isn't normal for someone my age to be on this many medications. But normal and Sarah don't seem to belong in the same sentence; and maybe I need to just do what works and stop thinking about the number of meds. If it gives me energy and the ability to do what I'm trying to do every day, that's what matters, not whether it's normal. I'm just a little bit afraid of what happens if I ever lose Medicaid coverage--and maybe that's what's really behind this attempt to stay off most of the meds. The more meds I'm on, the more health I have to lose if the bottom falls out (if I lose Medicaid or if I move to a state with limits on the number of meds I can have). It's emotionally stressful for me; and even if I push it away and just live the life I have for now, it's always in the back of my mind.


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