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dog update and future plans

This afternoon when I took Loretta outside, Meg went with us. The dogs were both very calm, took care of their needs and went back to the door. Meg wanted to visit upstairs. I had thought that I would wait several days to bring her up, but Dad had said that she was whining every time I brought Loretta down to go outside. So I decided to let her come up and see how it goes. Loretta was on the Flexi leash, so I gave her the length of it to see what she would do. The dogs went into a wild play, which I stopped after a minute. I made them both do obedience routines and had them rest and come alternately. The Flexi works wonderfully for this because I can walk away, call the dog I want and expect the other one to rest where she is. I then had Alexis do some of Meg's obedience while I did Loretta's at the other end of the room. Both dogs did very well with this and eventually settled down.

"Cat" continues to go well. I took a nap on the couch, for which Inca joined me during the last few minutes. She butted my head where my pain was, and Loretta lounged beside the couch. After a while, Inca got down and approached Loretta and they sniffed noses and licked faces, and then Inca laid down beside the couch and I petted both of them for a while. Inca and I have a little routine: I sit on the floor in front of the couch and spread my arms out on the couch, and she climbs in for a snuggle. I tried it, and Loretta sacked out while I gave Inca her pets. I petted them alternately, and the whole thing was very peaceful. Inca didn't startle when Loretta got up with me. This is extremely good progress.

The trainer will arrive on Monday afternoon, and we will have a busy three and a half days. We'll be reviewing my campus route, doing some exposures to various situations, and checking out some potential new routes. It will be a fairly intensive week for me, and somewhere amid all of this I have to catch up with Hebrew. I'm not quite sure when normal routine will resume or even what that will be. "Normal routine" is really going to be a bit different because I have a different dog with different needs. I also have to set about doing the wean from steroids so that we can hopefully get to the bottom of my pain diagnosis. My response to the Prednisone has been phenomenal: I can even give a hard leash correction without pain now! This is crucial stuff for my rheumatologist to know because I have not been able to give a leash correction without pain in eight years. I'm hoping that I can also get going on some writing projects and perhaps get the CD going again.


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