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salicylates--thought I forgot about those

And now a break from dog coverage...

I tested extremely positive for a corn allergy in 1995 but figured it was only corn pollen since I ate corn quite often and didn't seem to react to it. I now know better.

I have not eaten corn in at least five weeks. It was among the top things on my avoid list even though I love it. It is extremely high in those dreaded salicylates. While at Seeing Eye, I attempted to stick to low salicylates as much as possible. It is not possible to do a failsafe diet there; but I did reasonably well in sticking to low to moderate foods or very small amounts of high foods (a couple of berries here, a small serving of lemon pie there).

Tonight Alexis and I ate at the Cracker Barrel, and I had a serving of corn. It was a very bad move. I had a bad asthma attack when I was falling asleep--the type that wakes me up and sends me running for every med in the house. It looks like the corn will be having a funeral. It's been good and fun; but it will be no more, and I suppose that includes one of my old stand-by snacks, popcorn. Some things are not worth the aftereffects. I now know how some people can give up chocolate.

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