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Loretta's day on campus and off-leash obedience

Can I beat the trainer who is on her way...?

Loretta and I went to class this morning. Bouht food before class began. She worked the route so well, even when I was carrying food and coffee in a carrier! She took my directions like she'd been doing it all her life and only distracted for one squirrel. Coming back, she showed me the elevator door we had just come out of ten minutes before and the classroom door where we had been previously. Later, I took her to various key areas and did basic orientation to important places (library desk, ladies' room, etc. I realize now how much Meg really did not want to work anymore even though she was willing to do it. There was no spunk in her work like there is in Loretta's. She showed me every single place where I had stopped and praised!

This afternoon we tried some off-leash obedience in the house. It went badly. I got out the clicker and treats. There was a 100 percent improvement, even after I put the clicker and treats away. I think this will be the key to shaping good off-leash behavior. I not only rewarded for good obedience but also for just plain ignoring the cats, ignoring the box, etc. I even permitted some vigorous play, and she stopped every time I called it off. I click/treated for this, and the good behavior carried over after the clicker was put away. I'm quite impressed. I thought that she might only behave nicely when I had the clicker.

Enough for now.

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